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About Us

Tenant associations are groups of tenants who work together to solve problems in their building.  By working together, tenants can pressure landlords to provide services promised in their lease (like working laundry machines, intercom/buzzer systems, adequate heat and hot water, etc), make repairs where needed, and stop harassment in any form.  As a group, tenants have more leverage to negotiate with the landlord, file complaints with city & state agencies if needed, and get help for neighbors at-risk or facing eviction.

Tenant Associations can also influence local decisions by representing tenants at Community Board 12 meetings and voicing our collective concerns to the board and elected officials on matters of housing rights, healthcare, zoning, transportation, public safety, and other areas. 

The 1 Bogardus Place Tenants Association is a collective effort to ensure all 100+ families here are living comfortably and getting the best bang for their buck.  We are in no way associated with A&E Real Estate, but we look forward to working closely with them in the future to ensure every resident is provided a safe and affordable home.

All meetings will be held in the Lobby and/or via Zoom 

on Sundays at 2pm unless otherwise announced.  

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About Us: About Us
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