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The future of this Community page...

This section is a placeholder for what I hope will be a page full of community resources, recommendations for restaurants and other local services, and generally just a place for the community to come together around issues we are passionate about.  Are you part of a local sports league or running club?  Do you want to spotlight a good deed or a worthy cause in our community?  This is the place that content will live. 

Please submit your content suggestions by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the Home Page, and our content team will ensure it goes to the right place.  Thanks everyone!

Our Community: Our Community
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A Brief Letter from the Founder

One of my favorite topics of debate has always been whether 1 Bogardus Place (and the Hillside area in general) is technically a part of Washington Heights, Inwood, "Dyckman", or - realtor's favorite - "Fort George."  I tend to side with Washington Heights personally, but as many in the community have commented, it mostly depends on who's asking 😂

But no matter which neighborhood you most identify with, I think we can all agree that this slice of NYC we call home is a very special place.  It's busy but it's not Midtown.  It's chill but it's not Brooklyn.  The community is made up of a vastly diverse group of people, many of whom made this neighborhood their own 2-3 generations ago.  I am certain there are folks who have lived in this building the majority of their life.  And that's what makes it special to me. 

The people who live here care about their community, they care about their neighbors, and even the strangers they've never met.  Uptown has a lot of love to give, but rarely receives the love it deserves - especially from city and state officials.  Inwood and the Heights are home to over 200,000 people, but all the money and services go to the neighborhoods far south of us.

Beyond advocating for our rights as tenants at 1 Bogardus Place, I believe this Tenants Association has the power to effect broader change by amplifying the call for increased services and reinvestment in our uptown community.  From issues like healthcare, education, or social services to public safety, accessibility for seniors and disabled folks, and many others, there are significant opportunities for us to leverage our numbers and demand an audience with key decision makers in our local government and beyond.  I will support these efforts in any capacity I can, and I look forward to working with all of you and seeing what our association is truly capable of.

Kind Regards,

The Founder

Our Community: Our Community
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