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Can we get in trouble for joining the Tenant Association?  Or for meeting in the lobby?

Absolutely not.  All tenants, whether citizens or non-citizens, have the right to form or join a tenant association without fear of harassment or retaliation from their landlord under NY state law.

Real Property Law § 230 states:
“Landlords cannot interfere with the right of tenants to form, join, or participate in any group formed to protect rights of tenants, nor harass or punish tenants or withhold any right from tenants for exercising this right. Tenant groups have the right to meet on-premises or in areas devoted to common use [free of charge].”

If you feel that the landlord is harassing you at any point in your tenancy - please reach out to us.  We have your back, and so does the law.  We will report any instances of tenant harassment or discrimination to DHCR and any other relevant city agency to ensure the behavior stops immediately.

Who should I contact if I can't get adequate heat or hot water?

First, try reaching out to the super.  If there is a quick fix to the problem, he is your best bet since he is already on-site. 

If the super cannot solve the problem in a timely manner, call 311 or file a complaint on their website here.  (You will need to scroll down to find the complaint link).  

We also encourage you to report the issue to us by filling out the contact form on our homepage.  Chances are if you are experiencing a heat or hot water issue, others in the building are as well.  By notifying us, we can coordinate a stronger response and apply pressure to management and city agencies to get the problem fixed fast.  After the complaint is closed, we will personally follow-up with you as soon as possible to ensure the problem was in fact fixed.

In the wake of the recent Bronx fire, what should I do if my apartment door or the door to my stairwell doesn't self-close?

First, report the issue to the super immediately, and to A&E Management by emailing

Secondly, call 311 to report the issue immediately, even if the super or A&E management have acknowledged receipt of your message.

Finally, report the issue to us by filling out the contact form on our homepage, and categorizing your message under "Fire Hazards".  This will ensure your message receives top priority in our inbox so we can address the problem right away with FDNY and HPD, amongst others.

This same advice applies if you notice any other potential fire safety hazards in your unit or anywhere else in the building, including obstructions to your fire escape or exposed wiring.

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